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About Tshwane School for Business & Society

Founded in 1997, we started by offering the University of Wales MBA in Pretoria, South Africa. In 2004, we were accredited with 14 other Business Schools in South Africa to offer a South African accredited MBA. Since then many students have completed our MBA programme and have gone on to become prominent business and public leaders in South Africa and internationally.

In 2018 we were also accredited to offer the prestigious DBA qualification. As the only business school in the Capital City  and Tshwane Metro area, we are right in the heart of the country’s leadership, power and influence, which allows us to be a strategic influencer of note. We also offer a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PDBA). The PDBA is a very substantial programme and once completed allows students can apply for our MBA programme. These programmes are also offered to our TUT Campuses in Mbombela, and Polokwane.


In 2019 we changed our name from TUT Business School to the Tshwane School for Business and Society (TSB) to better reflect our vision of becoming a Business School with prominent impact on the South African society. As such, we endeavour to create an environment that enables our students and staff to think ambitiously and creatively, and to act with a great sense of resourcefulness and responsibility to achieve lofty goals.

TSB has a sought after three tier Executive Education portfolio of open and customised programmes.

Through partnerships we offer programmes in entrepreneurship (ICIE), management development in the Agri-Retail industry, and a municipal management development programme.

TSB is a preferred partner of the National School of Government to offer various education, training and development programmes. In partnership with the Community Associations Institute USA (CAI) we offer a benchmark professional management development programme for community asset managers (residential estate managers) in South Africa and Africa. 

The TSB is the official custodian of all management development at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). Our Higher Education leadership development programmes are offered to other Universities as customised programmes.


Our Executive Education offering is an official Continuous Professional Development (CPD) provider for leadership and management development programmes to professionals in industry. As a Technology University it is associated with multiple professional bodies that require registered professionals to continuously participate in continuous professional development.  Our CPD programmes are fully integrated with a certification process and CPD management system. 


We are a member of the South African Business Schools Association (SABSA) and were awarded a PMR Africa Silver Arrow in 2019 as a testament to the quality of our programmes. We are also a member of the prestige international BGA (Business Graduate Association), with the objective to achieve compliance with the international AMBA accreditation standards with the focus on responsible management, positive impact, and lifelong learning in International Business Schools We look forward to welcoming you to the Tshwane School for Business and Society (TSB) and are confident you will have an enriching time. We look forward to seeing in what ways you will positively impact the world.

Our Vision

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To develop and equip resilient and responsible leaders, managers and entrepreneurs who will have the courage to transform themselves and their organisations to achieve the “common good” of a holistic society.

Professional Conduct


Responsible Leadership

Our Values


Integrity and Transparency


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To play a leading role in inspiring business and government to serve society.

Our Mission

Message from the Director

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and addressing the challenges of state owned enterprises and government institutions. As a community, we must commit to use our position and influence to make progress against these challenges, working across sectors and mindful of the needs of our communities. We can do this in any business sector or industry, as well as in society and governmental organisations.

Although TSB has been offering an excellent accredited MBA programme for many years, we have now begun to spread our wings and use our influence to become a notable facilitator of change in the Tshwane Region and beyond. The first outcome of this initiative was the Tshwane Leadership Summit, in partnership with the MIKS Foundation and The Innovation Hub, which was held for the first time in October 2019. The summit, themed Leadership for a Better Society, convened respected and well-known thought leaders, and highlighted the importance and vital role of reputable leadership.

Another important development was the development and offering of Executive Development Programmes (EDP’S) in our strategic focus areas. These include unique programmes that was developed and presented to Agri-business Managers. We also substantially enlarge our international footprint with new agreements that was formed with several International Universities and Business Schools.

And we look forward to welcoming you at TSB.


Prof Kobus Jonker

Message from the Director


Thank you for visiting our website. Some of you may be new to the school, while others are friends, alumni and associates with longstanding relationships with us.

We believe that both the business community and business schools can play an integral role in addressing the systemic issues that will alter the future for generations to come. Issues such as climate change, rising inequality, the mismatch of education, skills and employment opportunities,

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