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Doctor of Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration


The purpose of this qualification is to develop leaders with impact through ground-breaking business research and workplace innovation.

A DBA is equivalent to a PhD degree, but distinct in that candidates pursue applied research rather than pure theoretical knowledge. The goal of the DBA is to design business solutions that will address real world problems, and then to evaluate, assess and test the effectiveness of those solutions. In this way, the DBA candidate generates new knowledge, which is the ultimate criterion for the award of a doctoral degree.

Candidates for the DBA degree at TSB are carefully selected. This is done to ensure that the research generated will have maximum impact on business, government and/or society. This is also to ensure that candidates can be successfully supervised based on the available expertise and research capacity available at the business school.

TSB reserves the right not to accept a candidate if we are not satisfied that all the criteria have been met and /or if the selected study does not meet any other objectives of the business school.

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