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The purpose of this qualification is to develop leaders with impact through ground-breaking business research and workplace innovation.

A DBA is equivalent to a PhD degree, but distinct in that candidates pursue applied research rather than pure theoretical knowledge. The goal of the DBA is to design business solutions that will address real world problems, and then to evaluate, assess and test the effectiveness of those solutions. In this way, the DBA candidate generates new knowledge, which is the ultimate criterion for the award of a doctoral degree.

Candidates for the DBA degree at TSB are carefully selected. This is done to ensure that the research generated will have maximum impact on business, government and/or society. This is also to ensure that candidates can be successfully supervised based on the available expertise and research capacity available at the business school.

TSB reserves the right not to accept a candidate if we are not satisfied that all the criteria have been met and /or if the selected study does not meet any other objectives of the business school.

Mode and place of delivery

The degree is awarded solely on the successful completion of a research-based thesis. The minimum period of registration for the DBA is two years.

Doctoral candidates can reside anywhere in South Africa, but all services and supervision will be provided from the main TSB campus in Pretoria. The Advanced Research Methodology module is delivered online.

Admission requirements

Individuals who would like to apply for the DBA should meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) or an equivalent Master’s degree in Management that was completed with a mark of 60% or more.

  2. Submit a duly completed online application form.

  3. Submit a preliminary doctoral proposal that complies with the protocol set by TSB.

  4. Submit their full CV.

Every application must include a preliminary proposal, written in scientific language, on one’s intended research. The preliminary proposal serves to demonstrate whether a prospective candidate has a mature approach to high-level research. It also helps us evaluate whether the proposed topic is viable and whether we can provide appropriate supervision and resources for the successful completion of the degree.
The preliminary proposal must cover, among others, the following:

  • The title and an overview of the proposed research

  • A literature review with an analysis of at least six academic journal articles

  • The problem statement and research question

  • A description of the theoretical framework one will be using

  • An overview of the research method

  • An explanation of why the study is important and who will benefit from it

  • References

Application Process

Contact the TSB research office to begin the DBA application process.


Please email Ms Knighton at

As part of the application process, we will require the certified documentation listed below; there will also be a non-refundable application fee of R240.

  1. A copy of your Identification Document (ID).

  2. A copy of your Qualifications (please see Recognition of Prior Learning if you do not have a qualification).

  3. A copy of your Academic Records/Transcripts clearly stating the number of credits completed and the NQF level.

  4. A copy of your School Leaving (Matric) Certificate.

  5. A copy of your name change or marriage certificate (if applicable – where your prior qualifications are in a different surname).

  6. A comprehensive CV.


If the preliminary doctoral proposal is acceptable and you are selected to the second phase of the selection process, you will be invited to register for the Advanced Research Methodology module at TSB. This is an online module that will guide you in preparing your comprehensive proposal.


Note: You can apply to be exempted from this module if you have successfully completed a full master’s dissertation or doctoral theses, or by providing proof that you were exposed to research methodology learning with the same outcomes and at the same level as that of this module.


Once you have completed the Advanced Research Methodology module, you need to submit a comprehensive research proposal. You will then defend your final proposal to a panel where the final suitability of the study will be determined. You will be formally registered for the DBA once your comprehensive research proposal has been accepted and you have been successful in the second phase of the selection process.


* Please note: Acceptance is also subject to available capacity according to the Student Enrolment Plan (SEP) as well as supervision capacity. Applicants will be informed of their status per official letter from the Office of the Registrar, alternatively, they can check their application status on the TUT website,*

Fee Structure

Please contact the Student Accounts office at for a quotation.


However, the estimates are as follows:

Application fee (non-refundable, it’s payable upon submission of your application)  - R 240

Registration fee (and re-registration fee each year while on the programme)             - R 1 500

Tuition fee estimate                                                                                                            - R 45 000

* The tuition fee is all inclusive.​

* All prices quoted above are subject to change and will be confirmed at the time of acceptance.

Important Dates

Applications for our DBA programme open on 01 April.

Applications close on 30 August.

Special Requirements

If you have a special need, please contact the Admissions Office before you complete your application. We will do our best to accommodate this; however, we cannot make any guarantees.

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