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Inspiring Leadership: A Recap of Mr. Schuitema's Motivational Session at TSB

On the 20th of October 2023, TSB had the privilege of hosting Mr. Etsko Schuitema, a globally renowned motivational speaker. The event took place in the aptly chosen Positivity venue, characterized by its warm ambiance, engaging conversations, and delectable food.

The session commenced with a warm welcome from Prof. Vinessa Naidoo, recognizing Mr. Schuitema's international presence with offices in nearly 20 countries. Dr. Emmanuel Edoun expressed heartfelt gratitude during the vote of thanks.

Mr. Schuitema's address centred on the intent of employees when they enter their workplaces. He challenged everyone to contemplate whether they approached work with the aim of contributing meaningfully themselves, their colleagues, and the organization or if the primary motivation is merely financial. He encouraged everyone to shift their focus away from financial concerns and embrace the joy of work, emphasizing the importance of living life with a greater purpose.

He further delved into the concept of leadership, stressing that it should not be a one-way street where leaders extract work from employees. Instead, he advocated for a collaborative journey where employees feel valued, respected, and an integral part of the team.

This enlightening and profoundly impactful session extended for nearly three hours, leaving a lasting impression. Attendees unanimously expressed their appreciation, feeling rejuvenated and invigorated by the experience. It was indeed a day of deep and meaningful learning.

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