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Intensive Service Design Course in Helsinki, Finland

Ms Krista conducting a lesson.

TSB students had an intensive service design course that took place in Helsinki, Finland from September 9-15, 2023. The course was facilitated by three experts from Laurea University:

  • Krista Keränen, a Business Designer, Researcher & CEO, who believes that the essential part of a professional service business is that the customer is always engaged in co-creating the service.

  • Outi Kinnunen, a Design Director and Partner, who is an expert on service design, co-creation and facilitation.

  • Hanna Voutilainen, a Service Designer, who is passionate about visual understanding and expression.

The course focused on the following key areas:

  • Empathy: Considering fellow citizens as service seekers who need the best from service providers, specifically from the public sector.

  • Co-creation: Practical examples on co-creating effective policies, using co-creation as a tool for impactful policymaking, and assisting students to effectively co-create the effective policies that are useful in all areas of business capacities.

  • Design thinking: A practitioner-oriented narrative for the design and implementation of innovative participatory processes and workshops to address societal challenges, applying and testing self-organisation and design-thinking principles for co-creation, and providing practical steps and recommendations for the identification of synergies among stakeholders across territories, sectors and levels.

  • Knowledge management: Demonstrating how to ensure optimal knowledge management and efficient communication to optimise resource usage, policy convergence and the achievement of positive results when designing or implementing policy, on combining community engagement and knowledge management services, and on highlighting how participatory processes can be embedded in the policymaking cycle with a view to improving the societal value of generating collaborative innovation, goodwill and co-created evidence for informing policymaking.

  • Presentations: Presentations from all groups that were involved in the course.

The course was a valuable opportunity for participants to learn from experts in the field of service design and to develop their own skills in co-creating effective policies. It was also a great opportunity to network with other professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the world.

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